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Since 2001, Astuna Metal took place in the aluminium sector as a company, operating in the aluminium sector. Astuna Metal continues its activities in all aspects of the aluminium industry, demonstrating a highly development process over past years. Astuna Metal has been successfully implementing a process with rapid developed. Moreover, Astuna Metal, internationally accredited processes in all production processes, considering the quality of products also technological standards to the quality of its employees. As a result of this successful development, Astuna Metal fulfills a significant gap in the sector with product varieties. All the studies of quality control are carried out from the beginning of production. Extruded aluminium profiles which are used and produced from original 6063 serial billets with TSE and ISO quality standards. Astuna Metal currently operates in a covered area of 1850 square meters. Our company adopts the manufacturing system which does not compromise the quality. According to our experiences and quality production philosophy Astuna Metal products process with high level of CNC equipments also surface quality and the micron quality in the anodising. Astuna Metal has been established technological infrastructure because always ready to offer our customers to product when they need in the fastest way without sacrificing quality. Our company which puts the responsibility of human being and responsibility as the main element in all of our works, will keep the customer satisfaction. on the front plan we continue to work with quality products and responsibilities with increasing momentum In this way we went out to be worthy of you, we wish that you would choose us

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